Vullio is an advanced and powerful program to help students, schools, and organizations track community service hours without the need for messy paperwork that can easily be lost or misplaced. Students are often required to fill out multiple service logs for various organizations and Vullio eliminates this issue as logs can be printed as needed. Organizations and students praise Vullio for its convenience and simplicity.


Create Events

Volunteer proctors can create events that will appear in the students’ volunteer calendar. Vullio has advanced controls that allow events to only appear for certain students like those in a school club or an honor society. Events can be setup as reoccurring events to avoid having to reenter information.


Join Events

Events appear on the students’ volunteer calendar. Having all of the available volunteer opportunities presented to a student in one place is extremely useful. Students are more likely to attend a community service event if it is easily accessible. Vullio bolsters student involvement for schools and organizations since signing up for an event is a uncomplicated.


Generated Logs

Once a student attends a community service event, the proctor will take attendance using Vullio. After the attendance is taken, the event will automatically appear in the student’s community service log and is automatically signed using the proctor’s uploaded signature. No additional paperwork or signatures are required.

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